Razer Zephyr release date, price, filter type, and everything else you need to know

Here is everything you need to know about the Razer Zephyr.

Razer Zephyr Mask
Image by Razer

RGB lights join everyday life as Razer unveiled the final version of its Zephyr facemask. During RazerCon 2021, Razer revealed its RGB facemask is finally consumer-ready after a year and a half of concept showcases. Those willing to don the mask can order the Zephyr beginning today.

What is Razer Zephyr?

The Razer Zephyr is a premium facemask that incorporates Razer’s signature Chroma RGB LED lights. Original concepts for the Zephyr, codenamed Project Hazel, had a voice amp to improve clarity when speaking. Razer removed the voice amp after realizing the cons of having it installed outweigh its benefits.

Without the voice amp, the mask now fits two dual-intake fans that help cool the wearer and regulate the airflow. The fans are attached to the large air chambers, which house external RGB lights—both of which are controlled by a switch on the outside of the mask. With more available space in the mask, Razer added a third air filter to the bottom.

Zephyr was designed with a translucent front so that people could read the wearer’s lips and see facial expressions. Internal RGB lights help to illuminate the wearer’s face, while anti-fog spray keeps the mask clear.

A rechargeable battery powers all of the electronics inside the mask. Zephyr can stay operational with a low fan speed and no RGB lights for up to eight hours. 

Can Razer Zephyr protect against COVID-19?

Razer Zephyr Filter
Image by Razer

While it is not tested against COVID-19 specifically, Zephyr has three N95 disposable air filters that rest inside the air chambers with additional filters in the box. Razer’s N95s can filter up to 99 percent of air particles when inhaling and exhaling. The filters can last up to three days, which is three times longer than standard disposable masks. 

Zephyr’s air chambers aid in air regulation, too, with two adjustable speeds for the electronic fans inside. The fans run at 4,200 or 6,200 RPM. Razer recommends using the higher speed for active users, and the lower speed for general use. The fans can be turned off and will keep the same level of protection, but at the cost of comfortability.

Other features that help keep germs out are the two adjustable head straps and removable silicone face seal. The head straps can stretch to fit many head sizes, while the silicone seal prevents particles from entering the mask.

The mask will comply with mask mandates in both the United States and the United Kingdom. However, it is not intended for surgical or medical use and is likely unsuited for intense workouts since it isn’t waterproof.

When does Razer Zephyr release?

Razer Zephyr releases October 21, 2021. It will be available for purchase in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

How much does Razer Zephyr cost?

The Zephyr alone costs $99.99. It will come with three sets of filters that provide up to nine days of usage. Buyers can purchase 10 sets of additional filters for the mask for $29.99 to ensure up to 30 days of use. Razer is also selling the Zephyr Starter Pack for $149.99, which includes the Zephyr mask and 33 sets of filters for 99 days of usage.