Razer looks to save one million trees with Sneki Snek

Razer is expanding their campaign with Conservation International.

Image via Razer

Razer announced a new one million tree goal in their campaign with Conservation International funded through the sale of Sneki Snek merchandise.

Sneki Snek is Razers black and green snake mascot, which Razer turned into a cute plushie for the campaign. According to Razer, the sale of each piece of Sneki Snek merchandise protects 10 trees.

The initial run of Snekie Snek plushies originally targeted the protection of 100,000 trees, but they reached that target within two short months. The campaign is now quickly approaching 150,000 trees, according to a press release on Thursday, which prompted the expansion of the project.

“The new milestones to reach will be 250,000, 500,000, 750,000, and finally 1,000,000 trees,” Razer explained in the press release. “As the community rallies to hit these milestones, Razer will continue to launch new Sneki Snek merch at each milestone, rewarding the community for their efforts and encouraging them to reach the final goal of 1 million trees.”

Image via Razer

So far, they announced the addition of the Sneki Snek head pillow as the reward for reaching 100,000 trees.

Conservation International is an organization dedicated to spotlighting and protecting forested areas, fighting climate change, and protecting biodiversity. Razer’s collaboration with them is seeking to protect forests in Costa Rica, Bolivia, Philippines, Indonesia, China, South Africa, and more.

You can find more information about the campaign and Conservation International on Razer’s official campaign page.