Razer launches Zephyr mask at RazerCon 2021

The RGB covered facemask drops today.

Photo via Razer

After months of concept demos, the Razer Zephyr mask was shown off once more at RazerCon 2021. During the showcase, Razer revealed that the first Zephyr mask drop goes live at 10pm CT.

The mask comes with three air filters, two of which are regulated using dual-intake fans inside the large air chambers. While it is not tested against COVID-19, the mask will filter 99 percent of air particles with Razer’s N95 filters. These filters last longer than standard disposable masks, allowing three days of use before replacing the filter. Zephyr will also conform to mask mandates in the U.S. and the U.K.

Initially unveiled as a concept known as Project Hazel, Zephyr originally featured a voice amplifier Razer later removed to increase battery life and air chamber size. Other changes to the original design include the third air filter on the bottom of the mask and adjustable head straps instead of ear loops.

Zephyr sports the iconic Razer RGB lights on both the inside and outside of the mask. Interior lights help illuminate the wearer’s face in low lighting, and both sets of RGBs are customizable through Razer’s mobile app. The company also ships anti-fog spray for the translucent front panel to increase the clarity of the wearer’s mouth.

Razer Zephyr costs $99.99 and comes with an additional nine filters for up to three days of use. More filters for the mask can be purchased in a pack of 10 for $29.99 to enable 30 days of use. The most expensive option, the Zephyr Starter Pack, costs $149 and ships with 33 filters for 99 days of use.