Razer introduces Viper 8K mouse with 8,000 Hz polling rate

Razer's newest Viper mouse will feature a high polling rate.

Image via Razer

Razer revealed the latest addition to its Viper line of gaming mice today: The Razer Viper 8K. The new mouse will feature the same sensor and switches used on 2019’s Viper Ultimate, but the new mouse comes with an updated 8,000 Hertz (Hz) polling rate sensor that sets it apart from competing gaming mice.

The Razer Viper 8K is available for purchase right now for $79.99.

“Latency is a very important part of gameplay that significantly affects the overall gaming experience—and yet, it is overlooked by many companies that focused for too long on increasing DPI,” said Alvin Cheung, senior VP of Razer’s peripherals business unit. “Unlike DPI, lower latency benefits everyone from casual to professional players by shaving off important milliseconds from the overall reaction time. During our testing and development process with a large pool of competitive players and mouse enthusiasts, many reported significantly smoother and more responsive input when using the HyperPolling Technology.”

Image via Razer

The Razer Viper mouse offers eight times the speed of standard gaming mice, which typically poll at 1,000 Hz. The higher polling rate translates into a direct mechanical advantage for players since there will be less latency across the board. In upper-level ladder games or tournaments, the extra split second that Razer HyperPolling technology can provide might actually make a big difference.

This mouse features a high-end Razer Focus 20,000 dots per inch (DPI) optical sensor. This sensor is on par with the upper-end gaming mice from Logitech, ASUS, and other companies.  

The mouse comes with second-gen Razer optical mouse switches. These switches are specially designed to use an infrared light beam to instantly read your click input. This makes the actuation on these switches much as three times faster than mechanical switches, according to Razer. These switches have appeared on other Razer mice over the past few years and have proven to be reasonably reliable.

Weighing in at 71 grams, this mouse is quite lightweight. The product is designed to be symmetrical, so it should work for both left-handed and right-handed gamers.

The Razer Viper comes with onboard memory and eight programmable buttons. You can store up to five onboard memory profiles directly on your mouse without having to worry about setting up software on every machine you use. This makes the mouse perfect for tournament play, where you might be plugging your mouse and keyboard into a variety of different machines throughout the day.

With its lightning-fast response time, the new wired mouse offers one of the most advanced esports-focused features ever added to a mouse.