Razer brings its Analog Optical switches to the Hunstman Mini

Analog Optical appear to be the future Razer wants.

Image via razer

Following up on the success of 2020’s Huntsman Mini and subsequent, fully-features Huntsman V2 Analog, Razer has taken the best of both products and merged them into the Huntsman Mini Analog.

Razer’s new take on its tried-and-true 60 percent performer keeps much of the formula the same but adds in Analog Optical switches, which can offer more precision for some gamers. Users can set custom actuation points, use the WASD cluster like a joystick, and program dual-step actuation, meaning part of the keypress offers one function and the second half offers another. An easy example would be something like equipping a grenade with the first step and pulling the pin in the second.

Image via Razer

While Analog Optical Switches aren’t for everyone, they do come in handy in games that are more controller friendly. Titles like Rocket League and Forza Horizon 5 immediately come to mind. In these titles, you can use dual-step actuation to perform wide turns with a half-press and a sharp turn with a full press.

Along with the fancy Analog Optical switches come the usual Huntsman Mini staples. Fans can expect the same aluminum top plat, doubleshot PBT keycaps, Chroma RGB, USB-C connection, and onboard memory.

Like the other Huntsman revamps, the Huntsman Mini Analog uses sound dampening foam. Other entries like the Huntsman V2 TKL feature foam to mitigate the noisy pinging and rattling of the stabilizers. Without the case foam, the Huntsman Mini Analog would have felt like a miss in terms of being a fully updated Huntsman Mini.

Razer’s latest iteration of its travel-ready 60 percent keyboard is available now. The Huntsman Mini Analog costs $149.99 before taxes, which is a $20 to $30 price bump over the original.

Update March 3, 2022 11:14am CT: A previous version of this article stated that the Huntsman Mini Analog did not feature case foam. The article has been changed to reflect the inclusion of case foam.

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