Razer backtracks on N95-grade mask claims for its Zephyr masks

The company is rolling back marketing to avoid further confusion.

Razer Zephyr vs. Razer Zephyr Pro
Image via Razer

Razer has started removing any instance of “N95 grade” from Zephyr mask marketing material after facing some vocal criticism over social media and other media outlets.

Since it was revealed as a concept to the public, Razer touted the Zephyr mask as featuring N95-grade filters. But following harsh criticism on social media, Razer is backtracking on its claim that the Zephyr mask offers N95-grade protection.

“Razer would like to clarify that while the filters used in the Razer Zephyr Wearable Air Purifier have been tested for 95% Particulate Filtration Efficiency (PFE) and 99% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE), per the statements on the website and documentation for the product, the wearable by itself is not a medical device nor certified as an N95 mask,” Razer said. “To avoid any confusion, we are in the process of removing all references to ‘N95 Grade Filter’ from our marketing material. We will also directly reach out shortly to existing customers to clarify. Customers with any further questions about the Razer Zephyr Wearable Air Purifier should contact our Customer Service at https://support.razer.com/.”

Razer’s official statement omits an apology for causing any confusion. While we can’t outright say Razer intentionally mislead buyers, calling something “N95 grade” in an era like the current seems inherently confusing since it appears to use “N95 grade” as marketing despite not being N95-certified.

Razer’s Zephyr page reads “…Razer Zephyr is not a certified N95 mask, medical device, respirator, surgical mask or personal protective equipment (PPE) and is not meant to be used on medical or clinical settings…”

Screengrab via Razer

This issue could roll back the good faith Razer has built up in recent years. The commotion also detracts from one of the only fun or zany pieces of hardware to come out of COVID-19. It’s simply a bad look in the age of COVID-19 and the recent emergence of the Omicron variant.

Despite the backlash and change to the marketing material, Razer’s Zephy Pro still looms on the horizon after being announced at CES 2022. With the new marketing material in place after this round of criticism, sales of the new mask could go either way given the Zephyr’s established popularity.