Razer and Sanrio drop Hello Kitty and Friends capsule collection

Razer brings the Sanrio Surprise store to your gaming setup.

Photo by Razer

After launching its sustainability-focused Kanagawa Wave collection in March 2021, Razer is moving on to more light-hearted endeavors with its new collaborative effort featuring Sanrio.

The new Hello Kitty and Friends collection features five items in total, with two being bundled together. Those items include the Iskur X gaming chair, Kraken BT Kitty Bluetooth headset, DeathAdder Essential and Goliathus Speed bundle, and a lumbar cushion. It isn’t the largest collection but it covers all the necessary bases for creating a themed setup.

One of the big-ticket items in the capsule is the Iskur X gaming chair, which features Hello Kitty on the front and My Melody, Pompompurin, Kuromi, and more blasted on the back. Razer’s Iskur chair is typically available without a lumbar cushion and shaves down the price of the standard edition by $100. In keeping with this model, Razer and Sanrio also released a Hello Kitty and Friends lumbar support cushion but at a lower cost. The Iskur X chair will cost $499.99.

Photo via Razer

Looking at the Hello Kitty and Friends Lumbar cushion, there’s not much to touch on. What you see is what you get. The solid pink design with white detailing is fairly simple compared to the rest of the chair but it’s in line with the rest of the chair and would look a whole lot better than a standard black lumbar cushion. Razer and Sanrio’s cushion will go for $59.99.

Photo via Razer

Next up is the Kraken BT Kitty Bluetooth headphones. These feature a fairly thoughtful design with a white headband, pink ear cups, a bow, and a design on the inside of the headband. Bluetooth isn’t typically recommended for competitive gaming but these will work in a more casual environment. These will run $119.99 before taxes.

Photo via Razer

Lastly, the DeathAdder Essential and Goliathus Speed bundle provides gamers with some decent entry-level products that feature some of the more bombastic designs in the capsule. Looking at the Deathadder Essential, there’s nothing new going on in the way of performance. Buyers still net the same right-handed ergonomic design with a 6,400 DPI sensor with a maximum speed of 220 IPS. On the surface side of things, the Goliathus Speed mouse pad gives players a medium-sized surface with the same design prominently featured on the back of the Iskur X chair. This bundle will cost $64.99.

Unlike the Kanagawa Wave collection, the Hello Kitty and Friends capsule puts more effort into creating varied designs. The designs of these products help transform each item into something that looks like a special edition instead of a copy and paste.

The launch of the Hello Kitty and Friends collection is a needed bit of light-hearted fun for Razer after the company was called out for its claims that its Zephyr face mask did not use N95-grade filters as the marketing indicated. Razer later removed all mention of the mask using N95-grade filters. While the dust has settled on that front, for now, the Hello Kitty and Friends capsule seems to land at an optimal time for the company. Put simply, it’s a fun distraction.