“Queued for Download” error is forcing players to reset their PS5 consoles

It isn't exclusive to a specific game or app, either.

Screengrab via Sony

There are always going to be little errors that pop up when new hardware is released, but one error that some players are encountering with their new PlayStation 5 consoles is causing a lot of problems. 

The “Queued for Download” error that’s popping up for some users today essentially requires a full factory reset to fix the issue. 

The bug pops up when you go to download a game or app onto the console. Even if you don’t have anything else downloading at the time, you might be prompted with a notification saying that the game/app has been Queued for Download. 

Alternatively, the same problem can also appear with your PS5 saying it has encountered a basic download error. 

Basically, whatever you were trying to download won’t even appear in the Downloads menu when you go and check it out. This means that you can’t cancel or pause it to try and restart the download and kickstart it. 

The PS5 will also register that you downloaded the game or app when you check your library. But in most cases, the PS Store will ask you to purchase it again rather than offering an easy way to download it. 

Most of the reported issues have come from users trying to download Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, but other reports of similar problems hitting other titles like Godfall and Demon’s Souls have been confirmed too. 

At this time, it appears that the only solution anyone has found is completely resetting your PS5 to factory settings. That means you’ll need to back up your saves using either PlayStation Plus or the PS5’s built-in backup tool if you already have some saved data on the console. 

But it seems to only affect one download at a time, meaning you can still try and download other games and see if that works. So if you want to try and wait out the issue instead of resetting your console, Sony should patch this in a future firmware update.