The PS5’s prices might have been leaked by a Spanish department store

It's supposedly retailing for €499.

Image via Sony

The PS5’s prices have allegedly been leaked via photos of inventory scans and checkout counters at one of Spain’s largest department stores, retailing for €499 and €399 in Europe.

AllGamesDelta’s picture is allegedly from Spain-based El Corte Inglés, the largest department store group in Europe. The picture shows a screengrab of the shop’s catalog, with the PS consoles in code names under “E AUREA” and “E NIGMA.”

The information seems to be corroborated by another user who said the picture has been circulating in “Spanish Telegram groups.” The photo appears to be from El Corte Inglés as well, showing prices of the latest-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft at a checkout counter.

Microsoft has already revealed the prices for its next-generation consoles in the U.S., launching Nov. 10. The Xbox Series X is set to retail for $499, while the smaller, less powerful, and digital-only Series S will go for $299.

Judging from these screengrabs, the main PS5 console will likely cost around the same price as its direct competitor in the U.S. The version lacking a Blu-ray drive could see $100 knocked off its price, potentially retailing at $399.

This leak comes ahead of the scheduled PS5 Showcase event on Sept. 16, a 40-minute livestream set to feature titles from in-house game studio Worldwide Studios and other development partners.