PS5 will reportedly no longer have different regional button configurations

Playing games from other countries will be easier.

Image via Sony

Sony is making a big change to unite the button configurations on its console in different regions. The PS5 will reportedly no longer have different regional button configurations, which will make playing games from other countries easier, according to Japanese website AV Watch

The PlayStation consoles previously featured slightly different button configurations between regions. Western PlayStations use the X button to confirm and the O button to cancel, while Japanese PlayStations used the opposite configuration. Several other Asian countries also used this configuration, but this will reportedly no longer be the case. 

AV Watch reported that Sony Interactive Entertainment PR confirmed the change is to avoid players having to use a different button configuration based on the game they are playing. Western players who enjoy a lot of Japanese games would have to switch to the other configuration mentally, and players from Asian countries would do the same with Western titles. 

This change will unify the button configurations, but many players will have to adjust to the new format. Players from Asian countries are used to the O button being the confirmation and likely have developed muscle memory. The circle is also commonly used in Asian countries as a symbol for yes, while the X symbol is used for no. The switch to the X button might be negatively received as it changes the functions of the buttons that players have used for years.

Fans will see how the new configuration feels when the PS5 launches on Nov 12.