PS5 Dual Sense controllers feature LED lights to help identify multiple players

You won't have to worry about grabbing the wrong controller.

Image via Sony

As the days count down to the PlayStation 5’s release date, fans of the Sony console learn more and more about the hardware and its features.

Industry Insider Nibellion posted a article that featured close-up images of the PS5 and more information on the various hardware components. The article focused on the new Dual Sense controller, which features a familiar function to help when multiple controllers are connected. 

The LED lights on the PS5’s Dual Sense controller will light up with different colors to help identify each player when multiple controllers are connected. 

Blue, green, red, and purple are confirmed colors, and the LED also has smaller lights beneath the touchpad. If one of these smaller lights is illuminated, the controller is assigned to the player one slot. 

This feature will look familiar to PS4 players as its controllers feature a similar design. The blue, red, green, and pink colors indicate the player one, two, three, and four spots, respectively, and the PS5 maintains this design. The LED lights are not too bright and should not distract players from the game. 

The new Dual Sense controller is reportedly packed with exciting new features. Sensors on the controller may automatically identify users, and the controller will reportedly have double the battery life than its predecessor. 

The LED lights could possibly change based on the game being played, and it is unknown if players will be able to customize the colors. The PS5 launches on Nov. 12, so fans won’t have to wait long to find out.