PlayStation users in the UK are reportedly receiving invites to purchase a PS5 from Sony

Double check your email.

Image via Sony

PlayStation users in the U.K. have reportedly started to receive invitations from Sony for the opportunity to buy a PS5.

As reported by Eurogamer, lucky PlayStation users in the U.K. have received email invitations from Sony giving them a chance to purchase a PS5. The email provides an exclusive link to access the event and users must log in with their PSN ID to purchase a console. This should help prevent scalpers from taking all of the available consoles or users giving the link to their friends. 

The email says that users were selected “based on previous interests and PlayStation activities,” although the specific requirements for receiving an invitation are not specified. Users will only be able to purchase the following items:

  • One PS5 Console or PS5 Digital Edition (cannot purchase one of each)
  • Three white DualSense wireless controllers
  • Two cosmic red DualSense wireless controllers
  • Two midnight black DualSense wireless controllers
  • One PS5 Media Remote
  • One white Pulse 3D wireless headset 
  • One black Pulse 3D wireless headset
  • One HD camera

Finding a PS5 or Xbox Series X console is a difficult task. Scalpers consistently purchase all available stock and the global chip shortage and shipping delays have made it even harder for normal consumers to find products. Finding a PS5 will likely be tough for the foreseeable future, so take advantage of any opportunity you can find.

This opportunity is only available for U.K. users, but other regions have different official ways to find consoles.