People are receiving invitations to pre-order the PS5

The invitation doesn't guarantee your pre-order, though.

Image via Sony

PlayStation users have reported receiving an email from Sony inviting them to pre-order the PlayStation 5, which means Sony may have opened registration for invite-only pre-orders.

The company selects a few people “based on previous interests and PlayStation activities” to have a better chance of getting the next-gen console before it sells out when the pre-order is opened to the public.

Anyone interested can still register using their PSN ID, but only those who receive the invite will be able to pre-order the console. The invite doesn’t include the price or a release date for the PS5, though.

When you get the email, there’s a limited time window to choose if you want to pre-order. But the invitation doesn’t mean your pre-order is guaranteed. There’s a possibility you’ll receive the “Sold Out” message, which means all the available consoles have been reserved.

Sony only allows for one console per invite, per PSN ID. You’ll be able to add in two extra controllers, cameras, media remotes, wireless headsets, or charging stations, but you can’t get more than one console.

Only U.S. residents can participate in this select pre-order. If you receive the invite and aren’t from the U.S. but can ship the console to a U.S.-based address, the pre-order is still valid.

The PlayStation 5 is scheduled to launch this holiday season.