Parsec remote desktop support for MacOS finally launches

You can download the service for free.

Parsec MacOS
Image via Parsec

Popular game streaming service Parsec has announced that support for remote desktop is coming to MacOS for both commercial and personal use. 

Remote desktop on MacOS now grants users the “granular controls, automation, and integration capabilities of Parsec for Teams to companies and individuals using high-powered Mac workstations.”

The same high performance, low latency, and responsive streaming that’s been adjusted for gaming are now being brought to modern iMacs, Macbooks, and Mac Pros that are running Catalina 10.15 or better.

But remote desktop for MacOS doesn’t currently have all of the same features as Windows. And since this is a preview release, Parsec suggests using it in combination with another remote desktop application, just in case.

Here are the features that are currently available with Parsec remote desktop for MacOS:

  • Multi-monitor streaming
  • Compatible with Parsec Relay Server
  • Pen support
  • Link sharing
  • Team computers (only available via GUI, not CLI)
  • Adjustable resolution (only adjustable from MacOS settings)
  • Audio streaming (Parsec Audio Capture Driver required to stream audio)

In terms of requirements to run the Parsec remote desktop for MacOS, users need to have a system that’s running MacOS Catalina 10.15 or newer. But it’s recommended to be running 2019 Mac hardware or later (including Apple M1) and a wired network connection, although these aren’t required.

Users can download Parsec for MacOS directly from the service’s download page for free and setup is as easy as downloading the software and creating an account. If an account has already been created, then just log in.