Use Razer Chroma and Phillips Hue to match your lights to your Overwatch game

Light up your whole life.

Photo via Razer

Razer Chroma is all over Razer’s products—its keyboards, mice, headphones, and mouse pads. But now, Razer is expanding to the rest of the house.

Razer and Phillips have partnered to bring Chroma customization to the Phillips Hue line of lights. Using the Phillips Hue V2 bridge, Razer’s Synapse 3 software, and a bunch of Phillips Hue lights, you can rig up your house to sync alongside your next Overwatch or Dota 2 match. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Cat Quest, and Battlerite, as well as a ton more games, are compatible with the lighting system.

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“Razer Chroma and Hue lights go beyond being a brilliant light show—they provide a full-blown immersive gaming experience,” Razer said on its website. “From the status cues to a flickering dungeon lamp, transform the way you play as you enjoy ambient in-game effects that react dynamically to every action and event.”

Paired with a Razer laptop and a light-up Razer gaming mouse, you too can make your computer room a night club. The Razer software update needed will go live on Jan. 9.