Opera GX rolls out Logitech G LIGHTSYNC RGB support

An interactive web browsing solution.

Image via Opera GX

Opera GX, the world’s only gaming web browser, has partnered with Logitech G to bring the LIGHTSYNC RGB experience online.

With the new partnership, both companies aim to make the browsing experience more interactive and lively in a way that is unique to Opera GX and Logitech G. Using LIGHTSYNC RGB with opera GX lets users create custom lighting effects and animations. These custom LIGHTSYNC RGB presets respond to anything from opening a tab to downloading a file or receiving messages in Opera GX.

Logitech G LIGHTSYNC RGB can be activated by clicking on Easy Setup and going to GX Lights settings in Opera GX. From there, custom effects can be loaded up to Opera GX with a few clicks. These settings also allow users to program Opera GX and LIGHTSYNC to send a GIF to Logitech G keyboards every time a notification from Discord, Twitch, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, or Instagram comes in.

Logitech G’s Head of Product Management for gaming software Andrew Coonrad touched briefly on what connects Opera GX to LIGHTSYNC RGB.

“Opera GX was designed for gamers to bring an immersive gaming experience to browsing,” said Coonrad. “By adding our LIGHTSYNC RGB technology, gamers can now illuminate their LIGHTSYNC RGB enabled keyboards and gaming gear with programmable custom lighting effects and animations, bringing a unique browsing experience to gamers.”

Opera GX launched in 2019 as a gaming-focused web browser with a host of customization features that can help optimize performance. Some of the expanded customization options include color themes, sound effects, background music as well as CPU, RAM, and network bandwidth limiters.

For more information on Opera GX, visit here.