Older games and features are reportedly being removed from the PlayStation Store

You can still access older features directly from your console, though.

Image via Sony

The release of the PS5 has Sony fans excited for a new console, but a few older features are reportedly being removed from the PlayStation Store in preparation for its release. Games for the PlayStation 3, PSP, and Vita will no longer be sold in the store and the content in your wishlist will be removed, according to Eurogamer.

Sony sent out emails, verified by Eurogamer, to its development partners warning about the PlayStation Store’s upcoming changes. The store will also stop selling PS4 apps, themes, and avatars alongside the games for older consoles and devices. 

These changes will go into effect on Oct. 19 for the online store and Oct. 28 for the mobile store. Players will still be able to buy the items and content for each game by accessing the store directly from their console. The items and games that players have purchased will also still be accessible. 

The removal of older games and items is likely to make room for new content for the PS5 and to try to make it easier to navigate the PlayStation Store. Fans can expect new exclusive content for the latest console, but some might be sad to see older titles and features disappear.

The PS5 is scheduled for release on Nov. 12, but the pre-order process has been difficult for many fans. Make sure to secure a pre-order option when available to avoid missing out on a console.