Oculus Quest Pro leak details possible design and full-body tracking

The leak hints at a long-awaited feature.

oculus quest 2
Screengrab via Oculus

A leak detailing the rumored Oculus Quest Pro has appeared. The leak originally comes from a Reddit post. These leaked videos include details about the Oculus Quest Pro controllers, potential full-body tracking, and a patent involving mirrors.

Full-body tracking is a feature that virtual reality (VR) users have been anticipating for quite some time. Now, the Oculus Quest Pro may include it based on a video found in the Oculus Quest Pro firmware, codenamed “Oculus Seacliff.” The animated video shows a user customizing their avatar with full-body movement that is then mirrored by the avatar.

The leaked videos could be assets for the upcoming Facebook Connect event where the Oculus Quest Pro is rumored to be revealed. If the Oculus Quest Pro includes this feature, it will be the first VR headset to have full-body tracking capabilities built directly into the headset.

Mirrors will also be involved with the Oculus Quest Pro in some capacity, according to a patent filed by Facebook earlier this week that shows mirrors being used for a social aspect of the device.

Another demo video shows two animated users collaborating on a video call to discuss house blueprints. One user then flips their Oculus Quest Touch controller around and uses the end of it as a pen.

The tracking rings from previous Oculus controllers are missing from the ones shown in the videos. However, there seems to be a platform on which the user places the controllers. The device appears to be a wireless charging dock.

Facebook is rumored to officially announce the Oculus Quest Pro on Oct. 28 during its Facebook Connect event later this week.