Nvidia’s RTX 3070 launch to be delayed to Oct. 29

Stall the hype for another month.

Image via Nvidia

The highly anticipated GeForce RTX 3070’s initial launch date will be delayed for an additional two weeks to ensure that “more cards are available on launch day,” Nvidia announced today.

The company acknowledged that consumers eagerly waiting for one of the most powerful mid-range cards will be disappointed.

“This shift will help our global partners get more graphics cards into the hands of gamers on launch day,” Nvidia said. The company stated that the production of the cards “are ramping quickly.”

This decision comes in light of an “overwhelming” launch of the RTX 3080. In an official statement, the company said it was “not prepared” for the “unprecedented” demand for its graphic card on the first day. Retail partners experienced record traffic, even exceeding Black Friday.

“We have great supply – just not for this level of demand,” Nvidia said. “Our philosophy has always been to get the latest technology into the hands of gamers as fast as possible.”

The RTX 3070, set to retail for $499, is the cheapest of Nvidia’s new range of graphics cards. It’s touted as one of the best performance-for-value cards based on its advertised benchmarks and has been compared to last generation’s RTX 2080 TI, despite being almost half its initial price.