Nvidia giving away ‘RTX ON’ keycaps as community rewards

RTX keycaps for the die-hard Nvidia fan.

Photo via NVIDIA

Nvidia may not be ready to disclose any new info on its indefinitely delayed GeForce 3090 Ti, but team green is looking to pay it forward with some limited-run RTX ON keycaps.

The RTX ON keycaps are only available through Nvidia’s social accounts, including TwitterFacebookInstagram. Instead of being made of PBT or ABS plastic like most gaming keycaps, the RTX ON keycaps are comprised of aluminum. The keycap is pictured as replacing the Esc key, which means it should work well for any other 1u key, but you’ll need to verify for yourself on row compatibility since different manufacturers have unique layouts.

Nvidia will be giving away keycaps to its communities from spring to early summer, according to the official page.

Ways to win an RTX ON keycap are straightforward. All Nvidia is looking for is for users to show their passion for games, graphics, and technology in a reply to one of the company’s upcoming posts. From there, Nvidia will contact users through their direct messages to notify them that they’ve won a limited edition RTX ON keycap. Nvidia isn’t selling these keycaps as an in-stock item, so now is the time if you feel so inclined.

While it isn’t quite as exciting as wider GPU availability and more accessible pricing, the RTX ON keycaps are a small but fun way to celebrate team green if you’re a die-hard Nvidia fan.