Nintendo warns users against using its outdated Wi-Fi accessories

Let's just all move on now.

Image via Nintendo

In the past, Nintendo had released the Wi-Fi USB Connector and the Wi-Fi Network Adapter in Japan in 2005 and 2008 respectively, during a time when Wi-Fi wasn’t as widespread as it is today.

In a time of Wi-Fi scarcity like two decades ago, it is understandable that the two products were seeing a lot of usage. What is surprising is that even today, the Wi-Fi USB Connector as well as the Wi-Fi Network Adapter see usage, especially by Nintendo Switch.

This was mainly the reason why Nintendo Japan had to tweet out a warning to Switch owners everywhere, advising players to refrain from using the two products with their current-gen consoles.

In the tweet, the company added a link that led netizens to a more elaborate explanation which explained that the previous generation accessories could leave users susceptible to unauthorized access of their network, or even deadly viruses. Nintendo further advised players to cease the usage of those accessories immediately and switch to other, newer network devices instead.

The chances that you are currently using one of the two accessories is fairly slim, since the Wi-Fi USB Connector was last shipped during the year 2010, with the Wi-Fi Network Adapter following suit, last being shipped during the year 2013.

This warning comes from the gaming giant in the same month where Nintendo also warned users against using the Nintendo Switch in the dire temperatures caused by the global heatwaves that are continuing to plague the world as we speak.