Nintendo set to end 3DS and Wii U eShop purchases in 2023

The announcement initially said there was no plans to provide classic content to fans after the closure outside of Nintendo Switch Online.

Image via Nintendo

Nintendo has today revealed it will be discontinuing purchases from the eShop on both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS consoles from March 2023.

This news should come as no surprise to those who still game on the devices. Earlier this year Nintendo announced they would remove the ability to add funds with a credit card or use other similar payment options on the digital shop fronts.

While Nintendo eShop cards are still available as an option to add funds to the store at the moment, this will also draw to a close on Aug. 29. You will still be able to use download codes until the service is closed in March 2023.

Now, the eShop’s days are numbered, despite the fact it’s currently the best and one of the only places to purchase games for the devices which are no longer manufactured.

If you’d like to transfer your Nintendo Network ID wallet value over to the Nintendo Switch you can do so by linking the wallet to your Nintendo Account wallet. With these linked, you can use your balance to purchase games on any of the devices until 2023. From then, only the Nintendo Switch will be serviced.

Nintendo’s post initially included a comment in a Q&A that said the publishers had “no plans to distribute classic content in other ways” outside their Nintendo Switch Online membership, which currently boasts more than 130 titles. This was quickly removed from the post, however. Nintendo has yet to address the edit.

With this being the case, it would seem those who miss out on picking up their favorite 3DS and Wii U titles before the 2023 closure are going to have a difficult time.