Nintendo Switch version 10.0 finally adds controller remapping and software transfer

The Switch is adding some new options that have been missing for years.

Image via Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch system firmware has hit Ver. 10.0 and with it comes some much-needed additions to the console like controller remapping and a basic form of software transfer. 

This is the update that many users expected to drop earlier in the year, but now that it is out it brings some of the features that fans have wanted since the console first launched in 2017. 

The biggest among the new features is the ability to freely remap all of the buttons on Joy-Con and Pro Controllers. This will help players who swap between the Switch and other consoles to make all of the button layouts uniform across all platforms. 

Any controller that can’t have its buttons remapped will let players know ahead of time when they enter the Controllers and Sensors menu. This mainly applies to third party controllers and special controllers, such as the Nintendo SNES ones. 

Out of the other additions, the ability to finally transfer files from the system to an SD card was also added, but the impact is severely brought down because it does not include save data. This means while yes, you can transfer games easily between systems, the save data will remain only on the first system. 

The only way around this is if the game allows Cloud Storage, but the roster of games that have this feature on the Switch is smaller than on other consoles. 

There are a few other updates that add some customization to the console, but those two are the major inclusions. Here are the remaining changes. 

  • Users can bookmark 300 news items to their favorite news items list.
  • “Display play activity to:” and “Delete Play Activity” options have both been moved to Play Activity Settings.
  • Six new player icons from Animal Crossing: New Horizons have been added. 

Update version 10.0 is live now and can be downloaded by simply going to your Switch’s Settings menu and scrolling down to System.