Nintendo Switch version 10.0 could arrive Jan. 6

There might be some big changes coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Photo via Max Pixel

Nintendo has seen massive continued success with the Switch as the company’s flagship console, merging its handheld and console libraries together to provide an experience unlike any other in the gaming market. 

And the hyper-popular console could be getting some much-needed improvements to the rather bland user interface that allows for little to no customization and has only two different themes that users can pick from. 

Screengrab via Nintendo

On Jan. 6, there will be an update to the Switch’s firmware that will take place from 10:30 to 11:30pm CT, in which all network services will be unavailable. This means you will not be able to use the Nintendo eShop or play any games that require an online connection to function.

There is no word on if this will actually be the 10.0 update everyone is waiting for, but considering Nintendo has yet to announce any big news for its 2020 release schedule and other plans, this could be leading into an important time frame.

Due to the lack of information regarding the company’s 2020 plans and the heavily speculated existence of a January Nintendo Direct, it might be possible that this update will coincide with the presentation. That could also provide Nintendo the perfect opportunity to go over some big changes being added to the console.

Most users who have a Switch frequently complain about three things: a lack of customization options for the home screen, how cluttered the eShop is, and the complete absence of themes. 

If this is indeed an update to overhaul the UI, this could easily give fans the ability to sort games into folders like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which will make the home screen much easier to comb through.

Themes could also be implemented, allowing players to earn or purchase designs based on their favorite games to customize the home screen. This was a big feature on the Nintendo 3DS that allowed for different backgrounds and music based on classic games to replace the bland black or white base themes. 

And it would also give Nintendo another thing to offer players who have Platinum Points that they don’t want to use on older Wii U or 3DS titles. The eShop changes are less likely than the more basic UI overhaul, but it could still happen since it has been a major issue with the console since launch. 

All of those changes are just speculation based on how big the change in number updates usually are, but the 9.0 update that happened in September laid a lot of groundwork for future large-scale changes. Just make sure you wrap up whatever online game you are playing by 10:30pm CT on Jan. 6 so you don’t get booted from the server and lose your progress.