Nintendo Switch update 12.1.0 introduces new storage option when updating games

You can download the patch today.

Image via Nintendo

After June, a month in which Nintendo Switch updates were plagued with issues, the system has finally received Update 12.1.0, which includes a handy new feature.

The patch didn’t include the most changes but its new feature for downloading game updates is sure to help out those who store quite a few titles on their console. As part of 12.1.0, when there is not enough space to fit an update on either the system memory or an SD card, users can now remove old data from the software that is being updated to create space for the update. As you may expect, with this feature you won’t be able to play the game until the download is finished and installed, however, this does offer some extra leeway storage-wise for users.

Along with that handy new trick, update 12.1.0 includes general stability fixes that should benefit the user experience. So far there haven’t been any reported issues with this latest update, in contrast to June’s 12.0.3 patch, which saw thousands of users deal with network connection issues and in some cases problems when adding new SD storage cards.

These issues lingered throughout the month but appear to be resolved after a string of rolling back updates and network maintenance before a fresh patch was released last week. With these problems behind them, Switch users can download and enjoy the benefits of update 12.1.0 today.