Nintendo Switch surpasses NES, sells more than 62 million units

The numbers just keep going up for Nintendo's hottest sellers.

Photo via Nintendo

Less than two weeks after nearly surpassing the original Nintendo Entertainment System, the Nintendo Switch broke that threshold after surpassing 62 million units sold, according to Famitsu sales from the week of Aug. 3. 

Following the company’s last quarterly financial report, the hybrid system sat at 61.44 million units sold at the end of June. This new total is only taking into account the latest Japanese sales numbers with around 173,338 sold between Aug. 3 and 9.

Once the next quarterly report is made, the number for July and early August will be much higher with how well the Switch continues to sell in Western regions. 

In terms of total console sales, the Switch now only trails the massively successful Wii at 101.63 million units after taking second place from the NES. It is entirely possible that the company’s newest console will overtake its best seller if it remains the focal point of sales for another handful of years. 

ConsoleHardware Sales (Million)
Nintendo Switch62.03

Even before the usurpation, the company noted that sales for the console “started out strong,” with a year-on-year increase of 166.6 percent for the Switch console, and 123 percent for software sales through the end of June 30. 

Nintendo cited new releases Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition and Clubhouse Games, both of which sold over one million units and the insanely popular Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which surged into the second spot on the console’s best-sellers list at 22.4 million units in just a few months. 

As of now, the Switch is gunning for the Wii to become the top-selling console for Nintendo, but it is closer to passing the 3DS family of handhelds on the rankings, which sit at 75.87 million sold as of the last quarterly report.