Nintendo Switch sales fall drastically due to supply issues

A new report claims that sales in Japan for the console are down 33 percent.

Image via Nintendo

Supply issues have hit all of the large console manufacturers around the globe and a new report claims this has resulted in Nintendo Switch sales falling drastically in Japan.

According to a report by Nikkei Asia, sales for the Nintendo Switch have fallen by 33 percent in the April to June quarter compared to the numbers that were regarded in the same timeframe during 2021.

Going further, the report cites claims from Famitsu that the Switch sold around 840,000 units during these months in 2022, which would be a steep drop from past numbers.

Speaking to Nikkei Asia, a spokesperson for Nintendo said the ongoing global chip shortage has had an impact on Switch productions. The report also says Nintendo may be having trouble sourcing the Bluetooth communications components used in the device and some controllers.

Getting their hands on these components is no easy task given rival companies in the gaming and smartphone spaces are all in the same situation. The spokesperson told Nikkei Asia that, at this moment, “the outlook is uncertain.”

If this report is accurate then it may put a damper on rumors Nintendo is gearing up to reveal a new pro version of the Switch—although it is still a possibility.

Recently, Nintendo privatized trailers for their Nintendo Switch Lite and Switch OLED models leading to fan speculation that a new announcement is inbound.

At this stage, there has been no official announcement of a new console coming anytime soon and with supply shortages being how they are, it doesn’t seem likely.