Nintendo Switch production reportedly “returning to normal” after months of supply shortages

But the company is “unsure” of when the shortage will end.

Image via Nintendo

A Nintendo spokesperson said Switch production is “returning to normal” but didn’t say when stock levels will be able to keep up with current demands, according to a report from Japanese outlet CareerConnection.

This means that the production of new Switch consoles is almost back to full capacity and retailers should see more consoles available to purchase to compensate for its high demand. Stock levels remain consistently low worldwide, though.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the production of Switch consoles since March. Factories in Malaysia and the Philippines were closed due to lockdowns and Switch production was reduced in March and April because of COVID-19’s impact on component manufacturing.

But this timing for Switch production to reportedly return to normal was expected by the president of Nintendo in May. Shuntaro Furukawa saw signs of improvement last month and said COVID-19’s impact on production should decrease by the summer. But the Nintendo spokesperson who talked to CareerConnection is “unsure” of when the shortages will end and said “it depends on the situation in the market.”

With a shortage of units and high demand for the console, Switch prices consequently have increased. But with the console’s production and supply returning to normal worldwide in the next few months, buyers should start to see more Switches to purchase at a normalized price soon.