Nintendo Switch Pro speculation picks up again following previous console trailers going private

Don't get your hopes up, but the timeline makes sense.

Image via Nintendo

The ever-hopeful cycle has started once again, with Nintendo fans online speculating about the potential reveal of an enhanced Switch model following several previous product trailers being delisted from various official channels.

As pointed out by multiple fans and GameXplain, Nintendo put the trailers for both the Nintendo Switch Lite and OLED models private on the company’s North American and Japanese YouTube channels. 

The reason this has sparked conversations around a potential Switch Pro model reveal—other than fans of the system constantly wanting to talk about the hardware upgrade—is Nintendo’s tendency to do something like this ahead of new product reveals.

Several users across social media pointed to a very recent example, being that Nintendo privated some Switch Lite promotional content before the reveal of the OLED on July 6, 2021. The timing also lines up with the original reveal of the Switch Lite too, having originally been shown off on July 10, 2019.

Speculation around what this could mean has led some fans to believe another, first-party-centric Nintendo Direct could be coming soon with the new hardware reveal tied into it. However, a new hardware reveal on its own is also a possibility since that is what happened with the Lite and OLED. 

Additionally, this doesn’t mean a Switch Pro of some kind is guaranteed, as something like a Switch Lite OLED could also be revealed instead. Both models had their trailers pulled down. And, while launching an upgraded Switch model ahead of or around the eventual launch of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 in 2023 would make a lot of sense, this type of rumor has been rampant for years.

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This is all general speculation, and, while the timeline does line up with previous product reveals and could be significant for something like the YouTube algorithm if a new Switch model is revealed, this is nothing concrete. Private or delisted videos are used as speculation points quite frequently, especially when it comes to new games and hardware, so it is best to keep your hopes in check until an official announcement is made or the trailers go back up.

Recent dips in sales due to supply chain issues also make this reveal unlikely. Nintendo publicly noted a “shortage of chip materials is having an impact on production.”