Nintendo Switch owners should expect game delays if coronavirus pandemic worsens

Expect the worst, hope for the best.

Image via Nintendo

Nintendo released its financial statement for the start of 2020 earlier today, revealing some impressive sales figures for the Switch and its games.

While the company is likely enjoying this success, it also can’t escape the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on game development. Nintendo said “delays in production and shipping are gradually recovering,” but the company hasn’t ruled out potential delays for most of its upcoming titles if the situation gets worse.

“If the effects of COVID-19 are prolonged or worsen further, development schedules may be impacted due to the difference in development environments between working from home and in the office,” Nintendo said. “In particular, the impact to overseas subsidiaries and other affiliated companies involved in development is anticipated to be even more difficult to predict than within Japan.”

As a result, Nintendo said it doesn’t think it’ll be able to release products and services “as planned,” which is the case for a lot of other developers across the globe.

COVID-19 could also cause Nintendo to create less Switch stock, which would likely affect its next financial statement later this year. Fans of the popular console have already seen this happening over the past few months, after all.

For now, all fans can do is wait to see how the current coronavirus situation unfolds to see how it’ll affect Nintendo and other companies across the globe.