Nintendo Switch OLED burn-in experiment finally achieves results after 3600 hours

Users shouldn't be worried about screen burn after this experiment.

Image via Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch OLED offers users a brighter, clearer, more impressive display than the standard Nintendo handheld device, but with this increased power has come some concerns of screen burning. One YouTuber has set out to quell these fears and has showcased just how much use a device would need to ever see the signs of screen burning.

In a video shared to YouTube by Bob Wulff, the creator of the WULFF DEN channel, it’s showcased that some burning has finally occurred after having the device left on with the same image on the display for 3600 hours.

It is only after 150 days left on with the Nintendo charging cable that any sign of screen burning has occurred, and even so its effects have been minimal.

The YouTube gave worried users plenty of reasons to relax; he explained it would take years of regular use casting the same image for anything to burn into the screen.

As it stands the project is still ongoing. Wulff hasn’t disconnected the device yet and will seemingly continue to monitor the effects of screen burning as they arise. Another aspect that was deducted from having the device turned on for so long was its battery and how that is impacted.

According to Wulff, the battery hasn’t gotten any worse than it currently is on another console that has been used regularly. This seems to indicate that leaving your console connected to the charger at all times isn’t the worst thing for the device’s battery health.

If you want to check out more about how screen burning occurs or how the experiment has been tracking, then you can check out the WULFF DEN channel here.

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