Nintendo Switch has now sold over 10 million units in Japan

It keeps rising.

Photo via Max Pixel

The Nintendo Switch continues to be a smash hit in Japan. Nintendo revealed earlier today that it’s sold over 10 million units in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Nintendo has seen steady console sales growth over the past two years in Japan since the Switch was released in March 2017. The launch of the Nintendo Switch Lite a few months ago helped increase sales of the system in Japan and worldwide as well.

This milestone comes at a time when several popular games are set to be released on the Nintendo Switch heading into the holiday season, including the latest entries in the Pokémon franchise, Sword and Shield.

Additionally, Nintendo revealed in its third-quarter earnings report a few weeks ago that over 4.8 million consoles were sold worldwide from July to September—a year-on-year increase of just over 50 percent.

With the holidays approaching, Nintendo is likely expecting more systems to sell, especially with the Xbox Scarlett and the PlayStation 5 gearing up to be released in the new year.