The Nintendo Switch eShop is down for emergency maintenance

There's no listed time frame for when it'll be back up.

Image via Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch eShop is down right now for unscheduled maintenance, which is impacting players across multiple regions. 

Typically, Nintendo gives fans a fairly timely advance notice when the eShop or other online services will be taken offline, but this seems to have been a big enough issue to warrant an emergency maintenance period. 

The official Server Operation Status checker for the Switch’s online service specifically lists the eShop as being “suspended due to emergency server maintenance.” There’s no listed time frame for when the servers might go back online. 

Based on the notes on the server page, this maintenance has been ongoing since 3:40am CT, which is notable because that means the service has been down nearly six hours due to whatever issue Nintendo is trying to fix. 

More details should be made available once the servers go back online.