Nintendo Switch breaks 89 million units sold

Though the numbers were down year-on-year.

Image via Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch has officially moved over 89 million units according to Nintendo’s Q1, 2021 earnings report.

Launched in 2017, the Switch is inching closer to the 90 million sales milestonem with 4.45 million units sold in the 2021 fiscal year before June 30.

These numbers are down from Nintendo year-on-year, with a boom in sales at the beginning of 2020 driven by the launch of Animal Crossing: New Horizons in March that year. Year-on-year sales numbers have fallen 21.7 percent.

With a total of 89.04 million Switch consoles sold since its launch, the device is closing in on a top-three position as Nintendo’s most sold console currently held by the Nintendo Wii. The console, released in 2006, sold 101.63 million through its seven-year lifespan.

Above both of these is the GameBoy Advance, which sold 118.69 million consoles. The Nintendo DS family of devices top the charts with 154.02 million devices sold in total.

Right now, Nintendo hasn’t shared any plans for a new console to supersede the Switch, most recently launching pre-orders for an upgraded model with an OLED screen. It is due to arrive later this year, so sales numbers for the console could rise substantially.