Nintendo says additional 140,000 accounts compromised in data breach

Nintendo is working hard to repair the breach.

Image via Nintendo

Nintendo has found that an additional 140,000 Nintendo Network IDs (NNID) have been used to break into their associated Nintendo accounts, according to an updated statement from the Japanese gaming company.

Nintendo has taken the initiative to reset the passwords for compromised users and alerted customers of the data breach. The company added that it’ll be taking “additional security measures.”

The company said less than one percent of all NNIDs logged in engaged in fraudulent purchases. Most consumers should have received refunds, but the process remains incomplete.

This is on top of the initial 160,000 Nintendo accounts breached in April. Nintendo has since removed the capability to sign in to a Nintendo account via the NNID login system, which has proven to be a key vulnerability.

If you’re concerned about potential malicious activity on your Nintendo account, setting up two-factor authentication is an important first step.