Nintendo reveals new Switch-lite model with nostalgic blue color

This is giving off some serious GameCube type vibes.

Image via Nintendo

Nintendo introduced the latest addition to its Switch-Lite lineup today and it’s giving fans some serious throwback vibes.

The product was first shared in a post by Nintendo, showcasing its classic blue coloring that’s reminiscent of the purple used on the GameCube console.

For fans who want to get their hands on the device, it will launch on May 21 at the same $199 price tag as the other color variants.

Initially used for the GameCube console, this same color scheme was used again as part of the Game Boy Advance lineup.

Since then, the design hasn’t been featured prominently in Nintendo’s other consoles. So for longtime fans, this look is going to trigger nostalgia.

Despite the iconic look, this model boasts the same specs as other Switch-Lite consoles, being a purely handheld alternative to the standard Switch model.

It’s rumored that a new Switch model could be launched later this year with some major changes in internal hardware and design, boasting a larger screen and a powerful new CPU inside.