Nintendo reportedly asked developers to make 4K-ready games

An upgraded Switch might be in Nintendo's plans.

Image via Nintendo

Nintendo is reportedly asking developers to make 4K-ready games, according to a Bloomberg report. This indicates that a possible upgraded version of the Nintendo Switch could be in the company’s plans.

The report is focused on Nintendo’s plans to boost Switch production, but it briefly mentions that the company has reportedly asked third-party developers “to make their games 4K-ready.”

The Nintendo Switch Lite, the portable-only version of the console, was launched in 2019, two years after the Switch was released. Now, Nintendo apparently will try to compete with Sony and Microsoft with a more powerful console.

Rumors of an improved Nintendo Switch started spreading in August, pointing to a potential release in 2021. Some reports even claimed the console could come out by the end of 2020. But Nintendo already said it has “no plans” to launch a new Nintendo Switch model this year.

The upgraded Switch might not be coming yet, but the world is still looking to own the normal version. Nintendo has reportedly asked its partners to increase Switch production to 30 million units for this fiscal year, according to Bloomberg’s report.

The company raised production orders to 25 million units in August, but demand is still high. With the holiday season coming soon, Nintendo is getting ready to avoid another shortage of stock.