Nintendo releases ‘Switch Year in Review’ highlights, allows users to see how they played games in 2021

From hours played to preferred modes, it is all included.

Image via Nintendo

Over the last several years, companies have started offering comprehensive looks back at various user statistics compiled throughout a calendar year, and Nintendo has joined the fun wih the Nintendo Switch Year in Review highlight reel.

This review service is live on the official Nintendo website and uses your Nintendo Account information to generate a slideshow of moments using the playtime data from your Switch. 

Once you sign in, you can swipe through a presentation showing you how many games you played, your most-played titles, and other facts about your gaming habits on Switch from throughout 2021. It will even include the first time you booted up a Switch using the account the data is being taken from. 

The main slide will show you your top three games in terms of hours played throughout the year, with a comparison to your most played game from 2020. There is even a breakdown for how many hours you spent playing games on Switch each month of the year, a note about the day you played games the longest, and if you preferred to play in docked or handheld mode. 

Once you scroll to the end, you can share some of the details, pick your favorite game of the year, and view a selection of games recommended to you based on what you have already played.