Nintendo may have included Bluetooth audio support in 12.0.0 update

It isn't clear if it will ever be usable.

Photo via Nintendo

Earlier this week, Nintendo launched its latest firmware update for the Switch console which may have hidden plans for Bluetooth audio support to be added down the line.

According to data miner OatmealDome, the update files included lines of code that “added audio support” to the Bluetooth capabilities of the console.

Despite being part of the update, it currently is not clear if Nintendo intends on adding this function to the console. OatmealDome explains he doesn’t believe that the company would add this in for no reason, however.

While the Switch has had no native support for Bluetooth audio devices, users have been able to work around this by using USB-C Bluetooth adapters to connect their desired headphones or speakers.

Alongside this, update 12.0.0 consisted mainly of minor fixes to some of the issues the console was facing, including save data backup problems some players had encountered.

If Nintendo plans to utilize these new protocols and introduce Bluetooth audio support to the Switch device, it is likely that the company will come out with their own peripherals to match. There has been no official information shared regarding anything of the kind in the works.