Nintendo is reportedly reducing the price of Nintendo Switch Joy-cons in Japan next month

It's unclear if the same price reduction will be introduced in the West.

Photo via Nintendo

Nintendo is reportedly dropping the price of a single Joy-con controller in Japan starting next month, but it’s unclear if the company will do the same in other regions. 

The price of a single Joy-Con controller will be reduced from 4,480 yen ($42.60) to 3,740 yen ($35.50) starting on Nov. 6, according to Japenese Nintendo. This is only a price reduction on a single Joy-Con controller, not a complete set. Nintendo Switch players will still need to pay full price for a set of two controllers. 

Japanese players can purchase a single Joy-con in several colors, including gray, neon red, neon blue, yellow, neon green, red, and neon pink. These options are perfect for players who want to add flair to their Nintendo Switch or need to replace a broken or lost Joy-con. 

It’s unclear if these price changes will also take effect in western regions in the future since Nintendo hasn’t released any official information. Western players would likely enjoy a price reduction, especially after many have experienced the notorious Joy-con drift. Many disgruntled players have filed lawsuits against Nintendo, including a mother and her 10-year-old child

There have also been reports of a new, more-powerful Nintendo Switch model coming in 2021, so a price reduction for Joy-cons would likely be appreciated by fans upgrading their consoles. Nintendo fans in the West will have to wait for an official announcement to see if the Joy-con price reduction is coming to their regions.