Nintendo fan designs amazing UI for Nintendo Switch

Yes please.

Screengrab via Nintendo

Let’s face it. Despite how amazing the Nintendo Switch is, its UI is plain and boring.

Whether it’s in Light or Dark Mode, you’re still stuck with a singular color. Similarly, all your games are on display with only simple logos used for players to access places like the eShop and more. The interface has been in need of a change since launch, but Nintendo seems to be fine keeping it as it is.

With Nintendo hesitant to do anything, it became a matter of time before its fans redesigned the console’s UI. One redesign in particular, by JustAnyGamer over on Reddit, showcased just how great the UI could be.

For their redesign, the fan kept the simple box format that Switch owners now know. But they expanded upon it, making a simple image appear in the background over the game’s title to create a simple but amazing change.

The user list, as well as the eShop button and more, was also moved around to give a cleaner, more professional look than what fans are used to seeing.

This is a stellar redesign and Nintendo should take some notes from this if it ever decides to change its UI.