Nintendo 64 games on Nintendo Switch Online might run at 50Hz in Europe

One region might have some significantly slower gameplay.

Image via Nintendo | Remixed by Cale Michael

Nintendo Switch Online will be adding a selection of Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis to subscribers’ libraries in late October with a new Expansion Pack tier, but fans in Europe have already noticed there might be notable regional differences. 

Outside of the usual differences in games that are being offered between Japan and Western regions, European fans are specifically worried that the games will be the inferior 50Hz versions, rather than the 60Hz versions it appears North America and Japan are getting. 

This issue dates back to pre-HDMI gaming consoles and the differences between NTSC and PAL, otherwise known as European, versions of various games. PAL versions of older games typically feature a slower refresh rate, leading to NTSC games running significantly faster for unoptimized titles. 

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During the NSO N64 reveal, fans picked out that the EU version has some slightly slower footage based on what was shown. Nintendo Life even compared the two directly and shows how quickly the audio desyncs in just the brief footage shown of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Players likely won’t know exactly what versions of the games are being used until the NSO Expansion Pack launches next month, but Nintendo U.K. did respond to Eurogamer’s request for comment saying the company had “nothing to announce on this topic.” Based on that, it is likely the PAL versions will be used, and, unless there is an option to select the regional version of the game you want to play in the NSO menu, EU players might be facing some slower runtimes.