New world record for cell phone fast-charging speed set by Oppo

"I wanna go fast."

Screengrab via Oppo

At MWC 2022, there is no shortage of impressive feats reached by smartphones, but Oppo took the prize in the fast-charging arena when it breached 200W with its SuperVOOC charging technology.

Oppo’s SuperVOOC sharing technology has far surpassed its previously announced 150W form to deliver 240W. In surpassing the 200W mark, Oppo claims it can charge a 4,500mAh smartphone battery in under 10 minutes, as reported by Notebookcheck. Conversely, the 150W version charges a 4,500mAh battery to 100 percent in 15 minutes, which is still convenient and impressive. The 240W iteration of SuperVOOC was revealed as the latest Oppo breakthrough and likely won’t be released in the near future.

Other competitors in the arena come close to Oppo’s fast-charging but have been edged out with the company’s latest announcement. Both Xiaomi and Nubia are close, but fall slightly behind where Oppo is headed, according to Notebookcheck. Xiaomi’s fast-charging tech hit 200W when it was revealed in a 2021 demo. Likewise, Nubia’s 165W charger is impressive but is immediately outdone by Oppo’s announcement. Both companies will almost certainly continue to push the boundaries when it comes to fast-charging and battery health.

With any innovation regarding fast-charging, battery health is a top concern. Oppo claimed in its MWC 2022 presentation that the company is dedicated to battery longevity and safety. They revealed that, while most phones on the market can maintain 80 percent battery health over 800 charges, the 150W SuperVOOC fast-charging doubles the longevity to 80 percent over 1,600 charges. If the trend continues in this direction, the 240W iteration of the tech will likely encourage an impressive battery lifespan.

Oppo did not set a release window for its 240W SuperVOOC technology.