New Sony VR controller patent has Valve Index-like finger-tracking

Will PS5 come with PSVR 2?

Image via Sony

A new patent filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment shows a prototype for VR controllers that’s different from the current ones used with PlayStation VR.

The patent’s images show independent finger-tracking, as seen below in images posted by UploadVR. The patent, which 91mobiles initially reported on, describes an input device for a “home-use game machine” that “detects movement of a user’s hand.”

Image via UploadVR
Image via UploadVR

The controllers can basically detect a finger’s proximity and output a signal based on how close it is. This allows the controller to simulate five independent fingers, creating a more immersive VR experience.

Valve’s Index VR controllers are quite similar, where the user fits their hand into a strap on the controller and then wraps their fingers around the device to grip it. It’s also not too different from a classic Nintendo Wii-mote.

This type of finger-tracking would be the first of its kind for console gaming, which these controllers would most likely be used for. Finger-tracking has been used in PC VR setups for the past few years.

If Sony is cooking up some new PSVR for the upcoming PlayStation 5, these controllers would be a good start. But as with any patent, nothing is final and these could go by the wayside just as easily.

Update: 7:35pm CT, Feb. 20: UploadVR has updated their article to note that 91mobiles originally spotted the patent one week ago.

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