Razer is offering a cheaper version of the Razer Blade Pro

It's a similar Razer Blade Pro, with a much lower price point.

Photo via Razer

The original Razer Blade Pro is really expensive, but Razer has just announced a new Blade Pro laptop with a lower price point.

The new Blade Pro sports a GeForce GTX 1060 GPU instead of the GTX 1080. Instead of a 4K screen, it’s got full HD. That brings the price down to $2,300—nearly half of the original price.

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There’s a 17.3-inch screen that runs a 120hz refresh rate, plus the i7 processor. Memory can be expanded from 16BG dual-channel memory to 32GB for those looking for an even more powerful laptop. For storage, there’s a hybrid configuration of 256GB PCIe SSD plus 2TB HDD. Upgrades are available there, too.

As with most of Razer’s products, the Blade Pro features Razer Chroma technology for individually backlit keys and trackpad.

“The Razer Blade Pro is the ultimate gaming laptop that packs desktop-level performance with unmatched portability,” Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan said in a statement. “This latest iteration offers an optimized configuration for gamers and professionals that want a 17-inch display and top-notch build quality. The thin design houses the latest in performance components and features expandable memory and storage capability.”

The new version of the Blade Pro will become available sometime in the third fiscal quarter of 2017, which is from July to September.