New Intel Arc Alchemist GPU images provide best look yet

Take a good look.

Intel Arc chip
Image via Intel

New images of one of Intel’s upcoming Arc Alchemist graphics cards surfaced today, providing a better look at the I/O bracket and the PCB.

Originally revealed by VideoCardz, the images bear resemblance to earlier leaks provided by trusted YouTuber Moore’s Law is Dead. The ripple pattern is a fresh take on what would otherwise be a more angular design if made by another company. But the main attractions are the better look at the I/O bracket and the PCB.

Photo via VideoCardz

Looking at the I/O bracket, there are clearly three DisplayPorts and one HDMI port. Intel previously said the Arc Alchemist lineup would take advantage of DisplayPort 2.0, which would make this GPU one of the first to feature the updated standard, according to the source of the images. It’s unclear whether the HDMI port will support the 2.1a standard.

Photo via VideoCardz

Switching to the back of the card provides us with a good amount of information to go off of. Starting with the memory modules, there appear to be eight, which would likely put this GPU at either 12GB or 16GB of VRAM. Turning your eye to the power connectors, we can see support for both six-pin and eight-pin connector types. The Arc Alchemist card may also support a dual eight-pin setup “should that ever be required,” according to VideoCardz.

Photo via VideoCardz

Intel’s Arc Alchemist graphics card line is still aiming for a Q1 2022 release, but there’s been little in the way of physical evidence lately. But it has also recently been rumored that Intel will be using Samsung memory in its flagship GPU lineup. With leaks and rumors beginning to ramp up, the possibility of Intel achieving its Q1 2022 release window seems more promising than in recent months, especially since it dropped the “Q1” from Q1 2022 on the official page. Still, the company is confident in its timeline, at least according to statements given by Intel representatives.

Intel is “targeting the first Alchemist products to be in market in Q1 2022,” an Intel representative said.