New adapter allows players to use keyboard on Nintendo Switch

Players may have a new precise way to play soon.

Photo via Max Pixel

The Nintendo Switch features several different controller options that match almost every playstyle. Casual players are usually fine with the default joy con controllers while heavy users tend to gravitate to a pro controller or similar device. Some players prefer something classic and go for an original Game Cube controller, which the console supports. And now, there’s a new option on the horizon that could allow players to use a keyboard on the Nintendo Switch.

A Kickstarter campaign has been created for the Edgeguard Adapter, which is a small device that allows a USB keyboard to be connected to a Nintendo Switch. Edgeguard Adapter creator Daniel Kaspo showcased the adapter in action while playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and explained the benefits of using a keyboard in a YouTube video.

“In a competitive game like Smash, speed, accuracy, and consistency are key to winning,” Kaspo said. “But when relying on a stick you can run into some inconsistencies or misinputs that can make the difference between taking a stock or giving it.”

Smash requires precise movements from players to capitalize on important moments in-game. There’s a lot of room for error when using a controller and breaking a stick is a common issue at high levels of competition. A keyboard avoids this problem altogether and allows exact movements to be completed at the push of a button.

The Edgeguard Adapter comes with a software app that allows players to customize their inputs. The app also allows players to customize the standard 24 input angles to their liking and add more if needed.

Interested players can find more information on the Edgeguard Adapters Kickstarter page and help the device become a reality.