Nadeshot on JBL collaboration: ‘The JBL Quantum ONE has everything gamers love’

The headset will be available March 24.

Screengrab via 100 Thieves / JBL

100 Thieves is adding to its track record of notable collaborations with its long-time partner JBL.

JBL’s Quantum ONE gaming headset is getting the 100 Thieves treatment in an upcoming limited release. The headset features all the bells and whistles normally found on a Quantum ONE headset but features the 100 Thieves geoprint tying it all together.

While there are several gaming headsets in JBL’s lineup, the Quantum ONE headset stood out to 100 Thieves founder Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag.

“The JBL Quantum ONE has everything gamers love—from the sound tech to the noise cancellation, everything is made for fans of high-quality audio,” said Nadeshot. “All that value is enhanced even more now with our iconic 100 Thieves geoprint.”

When asked about what his favorite elements of the Quantum ONE headset are, Nadeshot highlighted essentially everything the headset has to offer.

“Being that the JBL Quantum ONE is my favorite gaming headset, I would say every performance element is my favorite,” said Nadeshot. “But what makes this headset so special is the JBL QuantumSPHERE 360.”

100 Thieves is rooted in esports and its transition into being one of the leading gaming and esports lifestyle brands has created unique opportunities. From limited drops like the Quantum ONE to the Higround keyboard and plenty of sold-out apparel drops, 100 Thieves has a successful track record in its creative endeavors. Nadeshot took the opportunity to express his excitement about adding the upcoming Quantum ONE drop to the list.

“I’m proud that 100 Thieves can be a part of yet another moment to show the world of esports as a key part of culture and lifestyle,” said Nadeshot.

He and 100 Thieves won’t be slowing down any time soon it seems. When asked about the potential for future collaboration—specifically gaming mice following 100 Thieves Higround keyboard—Nadeshot was confident in the enterprises’ future.

“What we’ve created with JBL, Higround, Attack on Titan, and even Gucci is just the beginning of our brand collaborations,” said Nadeshot.

100 Thieves and JBL’s Quantum ONE headset goes live March 24 at 11am CT on StockX’s DropX platform. This one-off drop will run $300 out the door with no specific quantity disclosed ahead of the launch.