MSI reveals new Immerse GV60 microphone at CES 2022

The manufacturer's first foray into podcasting USB microphones.

MSI podcasting mic
Photo via MSI

MSI has entered into a new product direction by introducing its first podcasting USB microphone.

The MSI Immerse GV60 comes with three knobs for the polar patterns, gain and volume. It also has a dedicated mute button, a swivel stand, and a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack for mic monitoring. 

Aesthetically, Immerse GV60 looks strikingly similar to another streaming USB mic—the Blue Yeti. It features an all-black metal body with what looks to be a matte finish.

Specific details, like condenser size, bit depth, and bit rate, are unknown. There’s also no release date yet, but it’s scheduled to become available sometime in Q1 2022. It will cost $110, close to the Yeti and other USB microphones with similar features.

This article will be updated once more information about the Immerse GV60 is available.