MSI is saying goodbye to paper manuals

A small step towards a greener gaming world.

MSI loses mobo manuals
Image via MSI

In an effort to reduce waste and improve their business’ carbon footprint, MSI has committed to getting rid of the paper manuals that come part and parcel with their motherboards. According to MSI, this change will be met in tandem with the disappearance of the Reward Program, Shout Out Flyer, and Product Catalog.

MSI motherboard manuals
Image via MSI

The most important loss out of the bunch for most users, will be the manual. For PC builders specifically, the manual for a motherboard contains key information regarding dual-channel orientation, PCIe slots, and the locations of various headers. Without this info, building a rig with an MSI motherboard would be considerably more difficult for the inexperienced.

Luckily, MSI has also stated that all of the aforementioned contents will be viewable in a digital format through the MSI website or QR code. Since many first-time builders won’t have access to a computer while building their computer, the change will mean that a large portion of users will need to have access to a smart phone to get the information needed to complete a build using an MSI motherboard.

Its difficult to estimate just how much of an impact this change will have on MSI’s carbon footprint, but given the company’s strong foothold in the gaming market, one can assume the reduced paper usage will have a significant effect on their energy usage, and will serve as a precedent for their competitors to follow.

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